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The Finnish PISA 2006 pages

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The PISA Finland 2006 pages are the work and property of the Centre for Educational Assessment.

The original PISA Finland 2006 pages were made in 2007 by a team headed by Mr. Pekka Arinen, the National Project Manager for PISA 2006 Finland, and comprising Mr. Tommi Karjalainen (coordination), Ms. Susanna Koponen, Ms. Nina Leinonen, Ms. Tuulikki Noras and Ms. Katja Rihu (text), Mr. Jaakko Rusama and Ms. Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen (language consultation) and Mr. Tomas Valkonen and Mr. Mikko Asikainen (technical realization).

Page design was by Advertising agency 4F , and photos by the Finnish Tourist Board (MEK), Otava Publishing Company, Tammi Publishers, WSOY Publishing Company, Viikki Teacher Training School, University of Helsinki and Mr. Tomas Valkonen. Some of the content of these original pages has been retained on these revised pages.

The current pages use the original design by Advertising agency 4F. The text is by Ms. Sirkku Kupiainen, a member of the Finnish PISA 2006 Consortium, and technical realization by Mr. Tomas Valkonen.

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